Top weird watches on Amazon

There are a lot of fancy devices being sold everywhere which keep time and tell time. We are familiar with a lot of these.

FitBit has also come up with a watch that keeps time.

Both the Apple watch and Fitbit were made out with a different motive meaning their primary motive was not to keep time but to track other bodily details. Initially FitBit did not even have a watch on its wristband. They had to eventually succumb to the demands of the user.

But nothing compares to the nostalgia of looking at a wall clock. The weirder the better. Everyone must have heard about this particular cuckoo clock kept in SalarJung Museum. Man's fascination in keeping time is probably as old as civilization itself.

Here we talk about 5 weird watches that you could gift your near and dear ones. Or maybe you want to buy one for yourself.
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1. The Binary Clock
This clock is for the nerds and geeks. This keeps time in binary numbers. Want to flummox someone with your weirdness or even better confuse someone by asking them the time by pointing to this clock.

2. The Math Clock
Want to gift your Math professor something unique? This is the gift to give your professor. The professor can put this clock in his classroom. This clock will surely become a talking point if placed on the wall in your living room.

If the above clock is out of your budget there is another one which might fit well within your budget.
This version also has a green background to match with the green board in the classroom.

3. Backward Clock
The backward clock is ideal to make a person turn back and look at it again. It will adorn the wall of an upscale salon, spa or barber's shop. It could be sitting in a nice coffee place. Looking at it it will make you smile cause it plays with your head. This makes a perfect graduation gift or engagement gift reminding that even though you cannot turn back time the clock can be turned!!

4. Eco Water Clock:
This clock is meant to sit pretty in houses that have the Eco knob turned on. A sure shot conversation piece. It runs on water (Well Oxygen in water!)- which you have turn around in 3 months time. Can sit on your cubicle in your office. One reason to buy this watch is, "Being Eco friendly is the need of the hour." :)


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