Today's stock - Inc. (AMZN) Inc. (AMZN), better known as Amazon is a well-known name in every household. Thanks to the ever-booming industry of online shopping, it has become one of the go to places for every purchase, be it a Creative thread and needle kit, a Singer mixer grinder or even a Sony television set. has not just taken over shopping as an activity, it lures customers by providing better deals and perks such as free shipping and same day delivery, that it is hard not to be bought into online shopping. Today it is the largest online retailer with over 100 million subscribers and around 150 billion in revenue, with a profit of around 40 billion per year. These staggering numbers themselves make it a contender to invest and succeed in a multitude of businesses. Streaming music, video, artificial intelligence are but some things in which it has already made a big leap in.
On a year by year analysis, has seen a 30% jump in both revenue and profit, which are good signs. It is a well-known fact that Amazon reinvests a lot of the profit in itself, which again is a sign of a smart and future proof company which isn’t scared of the upcoming market and wants to keep improving and be successful in whatever is out there.

Let us discuss some things about the stock now. After the somewhat risky stocks which we have discussed until now, which are short term high risk high gain ones, Amazon seems like a lower risk higher gain stock which in my book is certainly long term. AMZN has grown steadily in the last 10 years from 60 dollars to 850 dollars, a mind blowing 1400% growth. It offers no dividend, but over 3 years, you will be bound to earn around 25% on your investment if it continues to grow the way it has. I would say, buy short term stocks, squeeze profit out of them, and move your money to Amazon. Whenever you have some amount of money which is spare, invest in Amazon. It will surely be a worthy investment. Yes, the stock is weirdly expensive, but I would expect a stock split soon, and that would mean that the stock only becomes more buyable and a lot more people can invest in it, making it jump even more. Invest before the stock split and it will work wonders.
Keep buying, over 3 years you wouldn’t go wrong. And again, I will reiterate, the stock is expensive, agreed! But keep on purchasing whenever you can, the graphs don't lie! I have made the biggest mistake by selling Amazon when it reached 400 just 1.5 years ago, by being naive and going for the short term gain. But fact is, I now know that this is a hold stock. That you need to have it in your portfolio. The FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) is always right, so always invest in it. 

As usual, let us take a look at our portfolio. The reds are going on getting bolder, which is scary. But July is the target, so let’s see! :)


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