Technology: The link between yesterday's ideas and today's reality

Raindrops begin to fall on the dry land and it becomes green and fresh. The aroma of the soil wafts, the moisture in the air penetrates the leaves. That rain changes the whole atmosphere, and suddenly new ideas start popping up in the mind of nature. Clouds fly, black-and-white clouds struck each other, lightning strikes, rain showers fall, leaves fall, meanwhile, there is a struggle of windows to close and open, dry clothes get wet, cars start to fall off. The shops are overcrowded for shed, the lights go out, the signals don't work, the traffic is jammed, the chains of raincoat worn out, the neighbor's car rushes out leaving dirt on your white clothes, and you enter into rainy season from summer. 

You may say, if this is what has been happening for years with the first rains, then what is the novelty in this? That's it! But there are many people nowadays who welcome the rain calmly without any such rush. When he leaves the house, he reads the weather forecast not only for today but also for the next four days on his mobile. From there, they set a time to go to the office, see how crowded a street can be, and travel by order from an app like Amazon, order a raincoat, umbrella wherever they want, inject the flu shot in time for a change in the atmosphere, keep swimming in a covered swimming pool. They even supply more or less water according to the amount of rain by texting the pump that supplies water to the coconut-poplar trees in the faraway village.

Overcoming the irregularities of nature to some extent, today's man has started to do something very different. The only ideas that may have seemed to man in the past seem to be coming true today. A knife, the wheel, fire, paper, paint, printing, etc., were endlessly invented and the man continued to learn. With the advent of the telephone, mobile phones, computers, and the Internet, the pace of progress continued to accelerate. With this column, I will be sharing how we are progressing through these technological advancements. The driverless car, fingerprint bank app, Google Home, 360-degree camera, or many other examples of today's new technology.


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