Almighty Ganga

गंगा गंगेतिब्रूयात् योजनानां शतादपि |

मुक्त: स सर्वपापेभ्यो: सर्वत्र सुखमेधते ||

Ganga Gangeti yo bruyat
yojannam shtaadpi |
mukhtaha sa srvapaapebhyoho
sarvatra sukhamedhate ||

अनेक योजने दूर असतानाही जर गंगेचे स्मरण केले तरी तिच्या केवळ स्मरणाने
मानवाच्या पापांचे क्षालन होऊन त्याला सुख लाभू शकते.

It's about the importance of river Ganga. We consider this river as our goddess.
All Hindus think about Ganga, as it is the river that fulfills all their wishes and they pray for her.
So, the greatness of the river is such that,
If anyone miles away from her, remembers her name;
will be free from their worries be happy.

Noting Hill

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