Constantly changing electronics and telecommunication technology

The field of electronics, in fact, is constantly changing and advancing, posing a challenge to man. How many natural brains today are striving to make a self-made object more advanced, more convenient, more comfortable. This technology becomes a part of our lives very easily. A good example of this is 4G. We started using this technology to enable faster wireless services to reach mobiles or various data terminals by simply activating the 4G LTE tab on our mobiles. It has been a long time since the information has been transmitted from one place to another.

Machine intelligence is as important as natural intelligence. Machine intelligence is now known as AI, meaning Artificial Intelligence. This is the current password in computer science. Machines are being used for things like learning something or finding the answer to a question. This AI is now used in every field, not only in today's phones, mobiles, TVs, fridges but also in the field of lights, games, or defense.

As technology advances, we too become a part of it. If you search for something on your mobile, the next time you get a notification about that topic. If you buy an item through a medium like Amazon, you are constantly exposed to many other things related to that item. If you are sharing your thoughts through WhatsApp or Facebook, this technology can even analyze your brain and give an opinion about your mental and intellectual level. Many companies today value a person's involvement on social networks and other people's response to his or her statements when hiring a person.

Biometrics is another such example. Going beyond a sheet, photo, name, address, and signature to identify each person, today, each person is identified by his or her fingerprints, eye color, eyelid, face or handline, his or her DNA, and even a specific smell of a person. Technology has reached this far. These things are used today to keep important documents of individuals confidential. Another example is the newly introduced Li-Fi, Defects caused by electromagnetic barriers can be reduced by using Li-Fi. It will be used for hospitals, aircraft cabins, or vehicles used for transportation. It will exchange and communicate information through LED lights.

There is no doubt that this technology, which reveals the ninth aspect of progress day by day, will ask man new questions every day and will force him to find new answers every day. 


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