Innovation...Towards IoT

Science and technology have developed so rapidly that it is hard to trace back to our starting point from our current position. The terms such as technology, computers, electronics have become the latest buzzwords. We cannot even imagine what items have been automated. The ‘Internet of Things is one such emerging technology. This technology enables two connected devices to automatically communicate with each other, and this makes many of our activities easier. The Internet is accessed not only by a mobile phone but also by different objects in our homes, our vehicles, our buildings, etc.
Smartphones, smart cities, automotive intelligence are some of the examples of IoT. When we enter into a Smart home, many activities are done automatically. For example, switching ON all the required lights and devices such as AC, a vacuum cleaner, a tea kettle, playing an individual’s favorite music, and ordering food from a particular restaurant. ‘Google Home’ is one such interesting product from Google. Here, the machine follows verbal instructions from the user and stores all the data. The data might include morning alarms, the time required for preparing a dish, office reminders, sport match scores, favorite songs, different items to be purchased from the market, and so on. All these things give an illusion of entering into a magical world.   
Now whatever we wish is only one click away. We can play games, do studies, watch movies, have chats, buy or sell products over the Internet. We can order any product available on Amazon and get it delivered to any address we want. The product comes to our doorstep at the expected time. We can return it if there is any problem. ‘Amazon Button’ is one such exceptional facility. This button is available for daily used items such as bathing and washing soaps, wipes, or daily consumed food items like milk. When a user runs out of any of these items, he just needs to click this button. The bank details required for online payment are linked to the button. So when a user clicks this button, the order is placed and the item is made available before the user wants to use it again. The time and energy one might spend because of the unavailability of any necessary item, is surely saved by this facility. This might give an impression that we are now living with a machine, and not with a person. Hence, it is going to be a real challenge for this generation to welcome the positive changes happening around us and participate in the process of advancement.   

These days, whether knowingly or unknowingly, everybody is not only carrying but also doing smart use of the smartphones. Many of us didn’t even know the words like electronic payment or electronic fund transfer but are now doing it on our own. Some time ago, when demonetization was announced, initially we all were shocked, confused, and angry for standing in long lines in banks. Subsequently, however, when even a small shop around the corner started accepting payments through Paytm, or our domestic helpers started accepting cheques, it appeared that all of us suddenly took a step towards progress. We can now buy a movie or play tickets online. Even our milkmen or greengrocers now accept cheques. We all learned that to make such changes, proper use of the proper technology at the proper time is necessary, but it is also necessary to change the mentality of the people.      


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