Let’s make a new resolution…

The festival of Diwali signifies happiness, excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. Wherever we go, we see lights and brightness. In the evenings, when it gets darker and I see small sparkling lights in every home, I always think of scientist Thomas Edison. He invented the electric bulb. It is believed that he had connected his house’s gate with a water pump. So whenever someone came or went through that gate, water was pumped to his garden. What unconventional thinking and the use of energy!      
With the increase in population, the demand for energy is also increasing. In the energy generation field, different experiments are being conducted using conventional and non-conventional energy sources. Efforts are being made to promote electric vehicles over petrol- or diesel-run vehicles. Various energy-saving gadgets are being invented. Different measures are being taken to stop the leakage of electricity.    

These days, many villages are getting electricity produced by windmills set up on nearby hills. Villagers are running agricultural machinery on this energy. Some institutions are buying lands to set up wind power generation projects as a part of their CSR activities or for acquiring carbon credits. While some are generating wave power by using the potential energy from the height of the waves and kinetic energy from the flow of the water. A company like ‘SolarCity’ dreams to meet the entire city’s electricity needs by using solar energy. They aim to generate electricity by setting up solar panels on the walls and roofs of houses. They want to distribute that electricity to not only the houses and societies with panels but also to an entire city.
Every one of us cannot actually produce energy, but we can definitely save energy. Even if we use the most energy-efficient devices, the number of devices we use is ever increasing. Hence, we are not actually saving energy. Energy used per person remains just the same. We, however, can curtail the amount of electricity we use with simple actions, such as turning computers, TV sets, or other gadgets off when not in use, removing mobile chargers from the sockets after charging is complete and switching all the lights off before leaving home or office.
When we carefully observe around us, we can see the different methods and ways by which the energy can be created and used. For instance, there are battery-operated toothbrushes, scooter-powered flour mills, or footpath lights running on the energy generated from the pedestrians. By using the concept of photosynthesis, scientists have successfully designed oil-producing synthetic trees.     
Do you find all these things fascinating? Don’t you think we should make wise use of any kind of energy in our everyday activities? Then on the occasion of the festival of lights, Diwali, let’s make a resolution to innovate the ways to save energy.


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