Philanthropic cow

तृणं खादति केदारे जलं पिबति पल्वले |
दुग्धं यच्छति लोकेभ्यो धेनुर्नो जननी प्रिया ||

trunam khaadti kedare jalam pibti plvle |
dugdham ychhati lokebhyo dhenurno jnani priya ||

शेतातील गवत खाणारी, झऱ्याचे पाणी पिणारी आणि लोकांना यथेच्छ दूध देणारी
गाय ही खरे तर आपली माय आहे.

This maxim tells the importance of cows and gives reasons for praying her as a god. Cows eat grass from meadows, drinks water from a small puddle. And gives milk to the people. Thus, cow serves people without expecting anything from them like a mother.


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