Real nourishment to our mind and body

मात्रा समं नास्ति शरीरपोषणम्
चिन्तासमं नास्ति शरीरशोषणम्|
मित्र विना नास्ति शरीरतोषणम्
विद्यां विना नास्ति शरीरभूषणम्||

maatraa smam naasti shreerposhanam
chintasmam naasti shreershoshanam|
mitra vina naasti shreertoshnam
vidyam vina naasti shreerbhooshanam||

There is no one else who can nourish the body like a mother. There is nothing else that exploits the body as a concern. There is no one who delights our mind without a friend, and one can never adorn with anything except knowledge.


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