Life is full of dejections...

eksya dukhsya n yaavdnantam
gchhamyaham paarmivaarnavsya|
taavddviteeyam smupasthim me
chhidresvanarthaa bahuleebhavanti||

एखादा समुद्र पार करावा तशा एखाद्या दु:खाचा शेवट होतो न होतो तोच दुसरे दु:ख पुढे येऊन उभे राहते. छिद्र पडले की दु:ख ही नेहमी वाढतच जातात.

Every hardship is like an ocean, it takes a lot of courage and energy to surpass each one. But as soon as one hardship ends, the other stands in line. Whenever there is a hole, the grief always increases.


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